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face claim, scion claim, kingdom claims etc etc
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Member plotters, group plots, and idea generation
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Personal and Group wanted ads
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Adventure Journals

Plot and Plot tracking.
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The Kingdom of Escur

A small, backwoods country that is a shadow of its former glory after corruption devoured two-thirds of it. What's left of the kingdom is mostly woods and small hamlets. Many of its citizens are poor, superstitious, and not friendly to Scions.
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The Sireen Federation

A desert kingdom that lost even more of its cities to rot than Escur did. Formerly the major trade hub of Vicis, there is still considerable wealth in the Sireen Federation; its two cities are thriving, and its astronomers are the best in the world.
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Fēng-jia, The Empire of the Four Winds

Easily the most massive of Vicis' civilizations, Fēng-jia is an ancient kingdom with a strong military and rigid class system. All Scions are seized upon awakening and pressed into service of the Empire.
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The Holy See of Luceria

The most staunchly religious kingdom on Vicis, Luceria is also the most warlike. It is a strict, fanatical place with gorgeous architecture, devoted populace, and a hard stance against all Scions except those of the gods Luxior, Anitiel, and Pyrinova. It is run by its religious leaders; the monarchy are figureheads trapped in their own castle.
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Khirn-Ulihm, Dwarven-Home

On the surface, Khirn-Ulihm is mostly wilderness with only a few small settlements. But below, the dwarven country is laced with extensive tunnels that extend far past their borders.
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Discussion & Games

OOC Member discussion and games
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Test your codes and graphics before posting them on the forum.
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