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Lore dox. (Redirect)

Registration and Claims


App, WIP, Pending
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face claim, scion claim, kingdom claims etc etc
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Member plotters, group plots, and idea generation
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Wanted Ads

Personal and Group wanted ads
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Adventure Journals

Plot and Plot tracking.
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The Kingdom of Escur

Escur was once a major player on the world stage, the vast kingdom in the north that rules the windswept valleys and tall peaks of the Crown Range, the mountains that circle the north of the world. The kings of Escur were highly respected despite their distant kingdom. Escur has always been a kingdom of small, spread-out hamlets, often tucked deep into the black forests or high on the mountain flanks. The country once had a long string of castles along their border with Calaerbar and with Sireen, but now all but two are lost. The once great Escur is thus reduced to a strip of land between the inland northern sea and the polar oceans. Alvion, the previous capital, is little more than a smoldering reminder of the price one must pay when offending the gods. The new capital, Aleport, pales in comparison to what was lost.
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The Sireen Federation

sireen desscription
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The Holy See of Luceria

Luceria Description
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Khirn-Ulihm, Dwarven-Home

Khim-Ulihm description
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OOC Area

Discussion & Games

OOC Member discussion and games
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Test your codes and graphics before posting them on the forum.
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First Link Adfs
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